Puma MB.02 Review, Colorways, FAQ, and More

Are you in the market for new basketball shoes but not sure which pair to choose? Look no further than the Puma MB.02 basketball shoes. Known for its sleek design and excellent performance features, the Puma MB.02 has quickly become a popular choice for basketball players of all skill levels.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about the Puma MB.02, including its features, performance, sizing, and colorways. We’ll also explore reviews from real customers and provide tips on where to buy the Puma MB.02 at the best price. By the end of this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether the Puma MB.02 is the right basketball shoe for you. So, let’s get started!

Puma MB.02 Review

MB.02: Traction 8.6

One of the standout features of the Puma MB.02 is its traction. Reviewers have consistently praised the shoe for its excellent grip on the court, making it easy to move and pivot with confidence.

MB.02: Comfort 8.3

When it comes to basketball shoes, comfort is key. Thankfully, the Puma MB.02 doesn’t disappoint in this category. With its bouncy midsole and top-notch comfort, players can wear these shoes for hours on the court without experiencing any discomfort.

MB.02: Fit 8.7

The fit and lock of a basketball shoe are vital to ensuring that players can move quickly and efficiently. And the Puma MB.02 offers an exceptional fit, thanks to its slightly wide mid-foot and low arch design. Additionally, users report that these shoes offer a perfect fit right out of the box.

MB.02: Ankle Support 7.7

While the Puma MB.02 doesn’t have the highest marks for ankle support, it still provides adequate protection for players. Its durable construction ensures that players can make moves without feeling any discomfort or instability in their ankles.

MB.02: Weight 8.4

Players don’t want to feel weighed down by their shoes when on the court, and the Puma MB.02 doesn’t disappoint in this regard. These shoes are lightweight and breathable, making it easy to move with speed and agility.

MB.02: Durability 7.0

While the Puma MB.02 could perform better in terms of durability, it still offers a decent lifespan for basketball shoes. One caveat to note is that users should expect some wear on the sole of the shoe after several games.

MB.02: Ventilation 7.7

With its breathable and lightweight mesh construction, the Puma MB.02 offers adequate ventilation for players. This design ensures that players’ feet stay cool and dry even during the most intense games.

MB.02: Overall 8.5

Overall, the Puma MB.02 is an excellent pickup for basketball players looking for a pair of shoes that offer excellent performance and style. With its outstanding traction, comfortable fit, and lightweight construction, it’s hard to go wrong with these shoes on the court.

Puma MB.02 vs. Puma MB.01

Puma’s Lamelo Ball line has had 2 fantastic options the Puma MB.02 and Puma MB.01. Both basketball shoes are fantastic, but which one is better? S let’s break down how these two shoes compare in terms of their key features to see which one is better.

In terms of traction, both shoes offer excellent grip on the court, with the MB.02 slightly edging out the MB.01. A similar situation is seen with comfort, both shoes have remarkable comfort, with the ratings being almost identical. Regarding the fit, the MB.02 has a slight edge as it offers a better mid-foot fit. Conversely, the MB.01 has better ankle support, scoring higher than the MB.02 in that category. In terms of weight, the MB.02 scores higher than the MB.01, thanks to its lightweight construction. While the MB.01 offers better durability, both shoes offer a decent lifespan for basketball shoes. Finally, ventilation is an essential factor when it comes to basketball shoes, and here, the MB.02 has a higher rating than the MB.01, thanks to its mesh-based construction.

In conclusion, both shoes are comparable and have an overall rating of 8.5. Depending on the player’s preference and priorities, either shoe can be a great choice. Those who prioritize fit and weight can opt for the MB.02, while players who prioritize ankle support and durability might prefer the MB.01. Ultimately, both shoes are fantastic options for basketball players looking for high-performance shoes.

Best Puma MB.02 Colorways

PUMA MB.02 Rick & Morty 140$

The PUMA MB.02 Rick & Morty is the perfect blend of sci-fi and basketball, making it the coolest colorway yet. With a mono-mesh upper that gives a breathable and lightweight feel and a NITRO foam midsole that provides lightweight cushioning and comfort, this shoe will take you high above the rim. The non-slip rubber outsole is designed to help you cut to the basket, which is essential for any basketball shoe. Plus, the dimension-bending design inspired by the Rick and Morty series is vivid and out-of-this-world. It would be hard to find a more unique and stylish basketball shoe on the market.

PUMA x LAMELO BALL MB.02 Honeycomb Men’s Basketball Shoes 130$

The PUMA x LAMELO BALL MB.02 Honeycomb Men’s Basketball Shoes are a great choice for basketball players looking for a stylish shoe with performance features. The honeycomb pattern on the midsole is designed to give basketball players the perfect balance of cushioning and responsiveness on the court. The upper is also made of breathable mesh material, making it comfortable to wear during games. Additionally, the shoe has a metallic gold accent and an MB logo signature that pays homage to Melo’s high-flying and stylish game. The unique color combination of black and gold is versatile enough to match almost any basketball uniform. While it may not have the same level of versatility or function as the other colorways in PUMA’s line-up, the PUMA x LAMELO BALL MB.02 Honeycomb Men’s Basketball Shoes is still a great choice for those who prioritize style and lightweight performance.

Puma MB.02 Black/Blue 150$

The Puma MB.02 Black/Blue is a sleek and stylish colorway that offers both function and style on the basketball court. While it may not have the unique design of some of the other colorways, it still provides the performance features that Puma is known for. The black upper with blue accents gives the shoe a classic and sharp look that is versatile and matches any basketball uniform. The NITRO foam midsole provides the perfect balance of cushioning and responsiveness, making it a great choice for any player who needs stability and comfort on the court. Furthermore, the mono-mesh upper is designed to be breathable and lightweight, so players can stay cool and comfortable throughout the game. Finally, the non-slip rubber outsole is created to provide maximum traction on the court, which is essential for preventing slips and falls. Overall, the Puma MB.02 Black/Blue is a solid choice for basketball players who want both style and function in their footwear.

FAQs about Puma MB.02 

Are Puma MB 02 true to size?

There is no definitive answer to whether the Puma MB 02 basketball shoes are true to size, as the fit can vary depending on individual preferences and foot size/shape. However, many users have reported that the shoes fit true to size, so it is generally recommended to order your usual size when purchasing this shoe. It’s also worth noting that Puma offers half sizes for the MB 02, so if you are uncertain about your size, you can try ordering a half size up or down to find the best fit for you.

Are the MB 02 good outdoor basketball shoes?

The Puma MB 02 basketball shoes can be a great option for outdoor play with the right conditions. The shoe has a non-slip rubber outsole that provides excellent traction on indoor surfaces, but it may not be as durable on rough outdoor courts. However, the NITRO foam midsole gives the wearer a good balance of cushioning and responsiveness, which is great for outdoor play. Ultimately, the MB 02 can be a good outdoor basketball shoe if you are playing on a proper outdoor court or in good weather conditions. Nevertheless, you should also be aware that outdoor play puts additional wear and tear on shoes, which can shorten their lifespan.

How much will MB 02 cost?

Depending on the size of the shoe, iety of colorways, and your location, the Puma MB 02 basketball shoes can range from $130-$150. Purchasing the shoes online often provides a wider selection of sizes and colors than what is available in stores. It’s also worth noting that certain retailers may offer discounts or promotional codes for the shoes, so it is always beneficial to shopround and compare prices. Ultimately, the price range of the MB 02 can vary significantly depending on where you purchase them from. It is always a good idea to compare prices from different retailers before making your purchase.

Are the Puma MB.02 good for wide feet?

ilst the Puma MB.02 is not a designated wide shoe, it can still be a great option for players with wide feet. The mono-mesh upper provides ample space for comfortable movement and breathability, while the NITRO foam midsole gives the wearer sufficient cushioning and support. Additionally, Puma offers half sizes in their MB02 range, so those with wide feet may choose to size up for a more comfortable fit. Ultimately, the Puma MB.02 can be great for people with wide feet as long as they find the right fit for their individual foot shape and size.

Where can you buy the Puma MB.02?

To buy the Puma MB.02 basketball shoes, you have a few options. You can check out Puma’s official website[1] or head to Foot Locker[2] and Champs Sports[3] for a wide selection. If you’re looking to buy the Puma MB.02 at a discounted price or for limited edition releases like the Puma LaMelo Ball MB.02 Rick & Morty Adventures or the upcoming Puma MB.02 Gorangé, you can try Goat[4] or StockX[5]. So, get ready to dazzle and perform on the court like a future MVP with the Puma MB.02!

What I use to review basketball shoes

To review this basketball shoe, I looked at multiple different things. The main things I looked at are traction, comfort, weight, durability, ankle support, fit, and ventilation. Traction is essential for making quick cuts on the court and not losing your balance, Cushioning absorbs shock and makes sure the basketball shoe is comfortable, Weight affects the speed of movement and how heavy the shoe feels, Durability ensures that your shoes will last through many games, Fit is important for comfort and preventing injuries, ankle support is important so you don´t roll your ankles, and Ventilation keeps your feet cool and dry. I consider these to be the most important things in basketball shoes and they are what I use to review them.

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