Adidas Harden Vol 7 Review, Colorways, FAQ, and More

The Adidas Harden Vol 7 basketball shoe is the seventh iteration of James Harden’s signature shoe line. With a focus on enhanced cushioning, improved traction, and lightweight construction, the Harden Vol 7 offers an excellent mix of performance features. This review will provide an in-depth look at how each one contributes to the overall experience, as well as compare it to its predecessor, the Harden Vol 6. We’ll also discuss the best colorways, who James Harden is, and answer some frequently asked questions about the shoe. Read on to learn more about why the Adidas Harden Vol 7 is a great choice for any basketball player.

Adidas Harden Vol 7 Review

Harden Vol 7: Traction 8.3

One of the standout features of the Adidas Harden 7 is the shoe’s traction. The rubber outsole provides exceptional grip on the court, giving you the traction you need for quick cuts and smooth transitions.

Harden Vol 7: Comfort 8.7

The Adidas Harden 7 has a comfortable fit that’s sure to please. The foam cushioning in the midsole provides excellent support and shock absorption, while the knit upper conforms to your foot for a snug fit.

Harden Vol 7: Weight 7.2

At 13 ounces, the Adidas Harden 7 is not the lightest basketball shoe on the market. However, the weight is well-distributed and doesn’t feel too cumbersome on the court.

Harden Vol 7: Durability 7.5

The Adidas Harden 7 is durable enough to stand up to the rigors of regular use on the court. The rubber outsole is tough and built to last, while the upper is constructed from high-quality materials that hold up well over time.

Harden Vol 7: Fit 8.7

The Adidas Harden 7 has a great fit that’s both supportive and comfortable. The lace closure ensures a secure fit, while the knitted upper conforms to the shape of your foot for a snug feel.

Harden Vol 7: Ventilation 6.1

Breathability isn’t the Adidas Harden 7’s strongest suit, unfortunately. The knitted upper lacks sufficient ventilation, which can leave your feet feeling hot and sweaty during extended play.

Harden Vol 7: Overall 8.6

Overall, the Adidas Harden 7 is an excellent basketball shoe that delivers in all the key areas – traction, comfort, durability, and fit. Its only real drawback is the lack of ventilation, but if you don’t mind sacrificing some breathability for performance, the Adidas Harden 7 is a great option to consider.

Harden Vol 7 vs. Harden Vol 6

The Adidas Harden Vol 7 and Harden Vol 6 are both high-performance basketball shoes designed for some of the top performers on the court. While there are similarities between the two shoes, there are also some key differences. On the traction front, both shoes perform well, with the Harden Vol 7 getting a slightly higher rating. The Harden Vol 7 also scores higher on fit and durability, but it is slightly heavier than the Harden Vol 6. In terms of cushioning, both shoes feature full-length Boost technology, but the Harden Vol 7’s cushioning is more balanced and responsive, while the Harden Vol 6’s cushioning was more geared toward impact protection. The Harden Vol 6 does have better ventilation compared to the Harden Vol 7, however, making it a better choice for players who value breathability. Ultimately, both shoes are excellent choices for anyone looking to excel on the court, and the choice between them mostly depends on personal preferences and playing style.

Best Adidas Harden Vol 7 Colorways

Harden Vol 7 (Better Scarlet / Core Black / Better Scarlet) 160$

If you’re looking for a new pair of basketball shoes, the Adidas Harden Vol 7 in the “Better Scarlet/Core Black/Better Scarlet” colorway might just be your new favorite. This shoe is a bold and striking statement piece, with a predominantly Scarlet Red upper that’s contrasted by Core Black accents on the snug inner bootie, laces, heel pull tabs, and Three Stripes on the heels.

Not only is the Harden Vol 7 “Better Scarlet” colorway visually arresting, but it’s also well-designed for a comfortable and supportive fit. The upper is made from durable and breathable materials, while the bootie construction ensures a snug and flexible feel. The traction pattern on the outsole provides a solid grip on the court, while the Boost technology in the midsole offers plenty of bounce and energy return to help you perform your best.

Harden Vol 7 (Core Black / Core Black / Off White) 160$

The Adidas Harden Vol 7 in the Core Black/Core Black/Off White colorway is a sleek, stylish basketball shoe that’s designed to help you dominate on the court. While it might not be quite as flashy as other colorways, it has its own subtle charm and sophistication that make it a versatile choice for any player.

One of the most attractive aspects of the Harden Vol 7 in Core Black is its understated color scheme. The off-white accents on the heel and outsole provide a nice contrast to the black upper, giving the shoe a clean and classic look. It’s a shoe that can be matched easily with a wide range of basketball gear or used as a neutral base to build a distinctive look around.

Harden Vol 7 (Cloud White / Core Black / Cloud White) 160$

I must say, out of all the colorways of the Adidas Harden Vol 7, the Cloud White / Core Black / Cloud White is my third favorite. The mixed material construction consisting of mesh, quilted stitching, and glossy leather toe boxes make it such an eye-catching shoe. The white uppers and cream-colored suede accents bring some lightness and contrast to the design. It’s just so clean and stylish, perfect for basketball players who want to look good on and off the court. No wonder it’s been highly anticipated, with many sneakerheads waiting for the release date to get their hands on it. Trust me, you won’t regret getting the Adidas Harden Vol 7 Cloud White. It’s definitely a must-have!

FAQs about Adidas Harden Vol 7

Is Harden Vol 7 true to size?

Generally, yes. Most reviewers have reported that the Harden Vol 7 fits true to size. If you’re not sure, it’s always a good idea to try them on in-store or order a half size up to be safe.

Are the Harden Vol 7 good outdoor basketball shoes?

The Adidas Harden Vol. 7 is a great shoe for indoor basketball. However, its weight and lack of ruggedness make it less than ideal for outdoor courts. They rated the shoe a 7.3 for outdoor playability.

Are the Harden Vol 7 good for wide feet?

Yes, the Adidas Harden Vol 7 features a sock-like construction and adjustable lacing system to provide a secure fit for those with wide feet. The breathable mesh upper also helps keep your feet cool and comfortable all game long.

When where Harden Vol 7 released?

The Harden Vol 7 was released by Adidas on March 2, 2023. It is currently available in a couple of different colorways, with more to come, and is currently being sold for around 160$.

Harden Vol 7 Review Conclusion

The Adidas Harden Vol 7 is a great basketball shoe for players looking for cushioning and comfort. It features a lightweight and breathable upper, full-length Boost cushioning and a reliable rubber outsole with excellent traction on the court. While it may not be suitable for outdoor use due to its lack of ruggedness, it offers great support and stability which makes it ideal for indoor basketball. Overall, the Harden Vol 7 from Adidas is an excellent choice for both amateur and professional players alike.

What I use to review basketball shoes

To review this basketball shoe, I looked at multiple different things. The main things I looked at are traction, comfort, weight, durability, fit, and ventilation. Traction is essential for making quick cuts on the court and not losing your balance, Cushioning absorbs shock and makes sure the basketball shoe is comfortable, Weight affects the speed of movement and how heavy the shoe feels, Durability ensures that your shoes will last through many games, Fit is important for comfort and preventing injuries, and Ventilation keeps your feet cool and dry. I consider these to be the most important things in basketball shoes and they are what I use to review them.

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