Nike Kyrie 5 Low Review, Colorways, and MORE!!!

Looking for a basketball shoe that truly delivers on the court? Look no further than the Nike Kyrie 5 Low. With its sleek design and promises of exceptional performance, this shoe has garnered quite the attention. But does it live up to the hype? In this review, we will take a brutally honest approach to evaluate the Nike Kyrie 5 Low and see if it truly deserves a spot in your basketball arsenal.

Nike Kyrie 5 Low Review

Comfort (8.9)

When it comes to comfort, the Nike Kyrie 5 Low excels. The cushioning provides excellent impact protection without sacrificing responsiveness. The shoe molds perfectly to the foot, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit throughout intense gameplay.

Traction (9.3)

Traction is a crucial aspect of any basketball shoe, and the Kyrie 5 Low delivers in this department. The multi-directional grip pattern ensures exceptional traction on both indoor and outdoor courts, allowing for quick cuts, explosive movements, and optimal control.

Fit (8.7)

With a secure lockdown, the Nike Kyrie 5 Low offers a great fit. The lacing system and padded collar provide excellent ankle support, reducing the risk of injuries. However, some users with wider feet may find the shoe a bit narrow, so it’s essential to try them on before making a purchase.

Stability (9.1)

The stability of the Nike Kyrie 5 Low is outstanding. The wide base and midfoot shank contribute to enhanced stability, allowing players to feel confident during aggressive moves and sudden changes in direction.

Ventilation (8.3)

While the shoe offers decent breathability, the ventilation could be improved. During intense gameplay, some users might experience a buildup of heat and sweat, leading to discomfort. Extra attention to breathability could have made this shoe even better.

Weight (8.5)

In terms of weight, the Nike Kyrie 5 Low strikes a good balance. It is neither too heavy nor too light, providing a solid foundation without compromising agility. Players can move swiftly on the court without feeling weighed down.

Overall Performance Grade: 8.6

The Nike Kyrie 5 Low receives a solid performance grade, showcasing its strengths in comfort, traction, stability, and responsiveness on the basketball court. With exceptional cushioning and a secure fit, the shoe offers comfort for long hours of gameplay. Its multidirectional grip pattern ensures excellent traction for quick cuts and agile movements. Additionally, the Kyrie 5 Low provides stability and support during aggressive gameplay. While it may have some drawbacks in terms of breathability and fit for wider feet, its overall performance warrants recognition, making it a reliable choice for basketball players seeking an edge on the court.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional comfort and cushioning
  • Outstanding traction for quick movements
  • Secure fit and ankle support
  • Impressive stability for aggressive gameplay


  • Limited breathability
  • May feel narrow for users with wider feet

Best Colorways: Nike Kyrie 5 Low “White”

The Nike Kyrie 5 Low in White is a sight to behold. The pristine white upper, coupled with subtle contrasting details, exudes elegance and style. The iconic Kyrie logo on the tongue adds a touch of personality. Whether you’re hitting the court or stepping out in style, the White colorway will undoubtedly turn heads.

Where to Buy: Nike Kyrie 5 Low

FAQ about Nike Kyrie 5 Low

How is the “Nike Kyrie 5 Low” compared to the Nike Kyrie 6?

The Nike Kyrie 5 Low and Nike Kyrie 6 are both exceptional basketball shoes, but they do have some differences. The Kyrie 5 Low offers a slightly lower profile design and may provide a more responsive feel on the court. On the other hand, the Kyrie 6 boasts improved traction and stability, making it an excellent choice for quick cuts and explosive movements. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on personal preference and playing style.

How does the Nike Kyrie 5 Low compare to Nike Kyrie 8?

As of now, the Nike Kyrie 8 has not been released, so it is challenging to make a direct comparison. However, based on previous iterations, we can expect the Kyrie 8 to feature advancements in cushioning, traction, and overall performance. It’s always exciting to see how each new model builds upon its predecessor, and we anticipate that the Kyrie 8 will bring even more innovation to the table.

Is the Nike Kyrie 5 Low good for wide feet?

While the Nike Kyrie 5 Low provides a secure fit for many players, individuals with wider feet may find the shoe a bit narrow. It’s recommended to try them on before making a purchase, especially if you have wider feet. Alternatively, you may want to consider looking into other models that offer a wider fit or accommodate different foot shapes to ensure optimal comfort during gameplay.

Is the Nike Kyrie 5 Low good for outdoors?

The Nike Kyrie 5 Low is suitable for outdoor play, thanks to its durable construction and reliable traction. The multidirectional grip pattern on the outsole ensures excellent traction on various surfaces, including outdoor courts. However, it’s important to note that regular maintenance, such as wiping the outsole, may be necessary to maintain optimal grip and performance over time.


The Nike Kyrie 5 Low is a solid basketball shoe that delivers comfort, traction, and stability on the court. While it may not be the best option for individuals with wider feet, its overall performance and sleek design make it a popular choice among players. Whether you’re navigating quick cuts or driving towards the basket, the Nike Kyrie 5 Low provides the necessary support for an enhanced playing experience.

What I use to review basketball shoes

To review this basketball shoe, I looked at multiple different things. The main things I looked at are traction, comfort, weight, durability, fit, and ventilation. Traction is essential for making quick cuts on the court and not losing your balance, Cushioning absorbs shock and makes sure the basketball shoe is comfortable, Weight affects the speed of movement and how heavy the shoe feels, Durability ensures that your shoes will last through many games, Fit is important for comfort and preventing injuries, and Ventilation keeps your feet cool and dry. I consider these to be the most important things in basketball shoes and they are what I use to review them.

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