What is Damian Lillards Signature Shoe: How Good is the Adidas Dame 8

The Adidas Dame 8 is the newest signature shoe for Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard. After a strong showing in the Adidas Dame 7, many people are wondering how good the Dame 8 will be. In this article, we will take a look at the Adidas Dame 8 and compare it to the previous model. We will also look at giving the Dame 8 a grade. Finally, we will go over Damian Lillard’s career and answer some common questions about the Adidas Dame 8.

Adidas Dame 8 Review

To review this basketball shoe, I look at multiple different things. The main things I look at are the traction, comfort, weight, durability, fit, and ventilation. I believe these things are the most important when reviewing a basketball shoe. I find these things by looking at other reviews online and wearing the shoe myself.

Traction- 8.1

The Adidas Dame 8 has solid traction. The herringbone pattern on the outsole provides a good grip on the court.

Comfort- 8

The Dame 8 is a comfortable shoe. The foam in the midsole provides good cushioning and the upper is soft and breathable.

Weight- 7.8

The Adidas Dame 8 can weigh anywhere from 390 grams to 410 grams depending on what size you get. This is about average for a basketball shoe, so the Dame 8 gets an average grade.

Durability- 8.2

The Dame 8 is somewhat durable. The upper is made of a strong material, but the outsole can wear down over time. The shoe should be fine unless you wear them outside. If you do, they are down much quicker.

Fit- 8.4

The Adidas Dame 8 had a pretty good fit. It was true to size for me and I had no issues with it. My foot always fit well in the shoe and never moved around.

Ventilation- 7.9

The Dame 8 ventilation is ok. It’s not bad, but nothing to be amazed at.

Overall- 8.2

The Dame 8 is a solid shoe. You will not regret buying it, but it is not a top of the line basketball shoe. It is pretty solid at everything and doesn’t have any flaws, but it is not amazing at anything. I would recommend buying this shoe if you want a shoe if you want to wear a Damian Lillard basketball shoe. It is the best one he has released. The Dame 8 is also great if you have wide feet. If you have wide feet, this shoe is one of your best bets.

Adidas Dame 8 compared to the Adidas Dame 7

The Adidas Dame 8 is very similar to the Adidas Dame 7, but with some improvements. The Dame 8 improved on the Fit, Ventilation, and Weight of the Dame 7. The Dame 8 did a great job on improving these things because that is what the Dame 7 struggled with. This is a great thing because the Dame 7 was a solid C+ basketball shoe. While the Dame 8 is a B- basketball shoe. This is a big step up for the Dame line and it shows that Adidas is willing to listen to feedback and make changes. This will hopefully make the Adidas Dame 9 an even better basketball shoe.

Best Adidas Dame 8 Colorways

Adidas Dame 8 “Respect My Name”

The Adidas Dame 8 “Respect My Name” colorway is my favorite because of its light blue color. The way aqua blue covers the entire shoe is breathtaking. T

Adidas Dame 8 “GOAT Spirit”

Close second, the “GOAT Spirit” colorway is a must-have for any Lillard fan. The all-black shoe with small white and gold dots all over it is amazing. Then you add in the golden Adidas logo on the side. The “GOAT Spirit” is a fantastic choice for a colorway.

Adidas Dame 8 “Big Mood”

Whimsical and fun, the “Big Mood” colorway is for those who want their shoes to make a statement. The shoe is primarily black with a colorful sole. Whichever colorway you choose, you can’t go wrong with the Adidas Dame 8.

Who is Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard was born in on July 15, 1990, in Oakland, California. Lillard played college basketball for Weber State University, where he was twice named Big Sky Conference Player of the Year. He has been a member of the United States national team, winning a gold medal at the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

He started his NBA career after being drafted by the Portland Trailblazers in 2012. He continues to play for the Portland Trailblazers and has had an amazing career. Damian Lillard has been to 6 All-Star teams and 6 All-NBA teams. He won the Rookie of the Year award in 2013. He was even named on the top 75 list. He is most known for his 2 series winning buzzer beaters. He hit 1 against the Huston Rockets in 2014 and 1 against the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2018. He continues to be one of the league’s best point guards.

FAQ about the Adidas Dame 8

Is the Dame 8 a good outside basketball shoe?

Even though the Dame 8 is a good basketball shoe, I would not recommend wearing it outside. It doesn’t have great durability and will wear down quickly.

How much does the Dame 8 weigh?

The Dame 8 can weigh anywhere from 390 grams to 410 grams depending on what size you get. The shoe is about average when you compare it to other basketball shoes.

When did the Adidas Dame 8 come out?

The Adidas Dame 8 came out in December of 2021. It has released numerous different colorways since then and is a great basketball shoe.

When is the Adidas Dame 9 going to come out?

The Adidas Dame 9 will most likely come out during December of 2022. This will be coming out one year after the Adidas Dame 8 came out.

Is the Adidas Dame 8 good for wide feet?

The Adidas Dame 8 is one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet. Even though it is a good basketball shoe for normal sized feet, it is an amazing basketball shoe for wide feet.

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