A Brief History of Basketball Shoes: How have Basketball Shoes Evolved Over Time

Basketball shoes have come a long way since the sport was invented in 1891. From simple canvas sneakers to high-tech, performance-enhancing footwear, the evolution of basketball shoes has been a fascinating journey. In this article, we will delve into the history of basketball shoes and how they have evolved to become an integral part of … Read more

How good is the Lebron 19: Nike Lebron 19 Basketball Shoe Review

The Lebron 19 is the latest installment in the Nike Lebron line of shoes. This basketball shoe has been designed to provide excellent traction, comfort, weight, and durability. It also features a new fit and ventilation system that is supposed to keep your feet cool and comfortable during long games. So how does this shoe … Read more

What is Kyrie’s Signature Shoe: How Good is the Kyrie 7

With Nike officially unveiling the Kyrie 7 signature shoe, hoop fans have been anxious to know all there is about Kyrie Irving’s next sneaker. In this article, we’ll cover Kyrie’s background as well as what changes were made with the Kyrie 7 in comparison to the Kyrie 6. You’ll find frequently asked questions and a review of how the Kyrie 7 performed on-court. So far, it seems that Nike has another hit on their hands with Irving’s latest model!